Sunday, 6 November 2011

Was I bothered? Not a bit...........

Well it was a bit noisy last night and went on for hours, but was I bothered, no I wasn't. The Scullcap & Valerian Tablets did the trick and taking them for a whole week or so beforehand really paid off as I didn't so much as even slightly shake or jump or dribble or anything. What a brave Border Terrier I am ! In fact if you didn't know I was frightened of noises, you wouldn't have guessed.

I enjoyed my toy, a yellow ball on a rope, I stayed in my bed most of the evening and that was that. Apparently I even went out for a quick cock of the leg during the evening and didn't appear to even notice there were fireworks. I didn't even need to have any Valerian Compound this year. Do you know what? I think that maybe I'm not frightened anymore, but then again maybe without all the help and careful planning I would be scared.

I hope you all had a relaxed time of it, but take care there could be more to come - always someone who lets them off after the event just when you don't expect it.

Friday, 4 November 2011

The weekend starts here...........

Well the weekend is nearly here. We've finished work, or at least I have, and all is well. There've been a few bangs, whizzes and crackles this evening but to be honest if one of the whippets hadn't told me about it when they came in from the garden, I don't think I'd have known at all.

I'm off now to get tucked up in bed in my snuggly blanket, with my new toy, the curtains are already pulled, I've had my Scullcap & Valerian Tablets with my dinner tonight, got some of the lovely Lily's Kitchen bedtime biscuits to settle me into my bed and Snoop Dog is playing on my iPod. I'm as happy as the proverbial pig in .... I hope you are too and that you have a peaceful weekend.

Remember to make sure your humans take you out for your evening walk well before it gets dark tomorrow evening and that they make sure that your cat companions are all indoors as well and have had a few drops of Organic Valerian Compound put on their bedding. Then all should be well.

See you soon and remember
- and I do too !