Friday, 24 August 2012

Introducing Merlin - taking control.............

I’m a little put out and rather sad today as I’ve been told I’m being retired and a new young whippersnapper is taking over the blog for Dorwest in the run up to this year’s fireworks period. His name is MERLIN and he’s the dog in the Dorwest logo. He’s very cheeky and quite a character, but to be fair he’s a really nice young lad and very plucky too, as he has a crippling firework phobia just like me but he’s decided to take control and conquer his anxiety once and for all. He’s bravely agreed to share with everyone how he manages to overcome his fear. I’m sure he’ll be giving lots of useful advice too and letting everyone know how he gets on. I can’t wait to read all about it and you can follow him too at Meanwhile, I’m off to have a rest – I think I deserve it after all my hard work over the years and I’d like to say thanks to all my fans who have followed my comings and goings over the past couple of years – I’ve enjoyed it very much, and I hope you have too……….. woof woof to you all

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