Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Well done Nicola !

Well the competition to win one of my Dr Monkey Survival Kits got everyone going........thanks to all of you who sent me an email, to, to say that yesterday I was wearing a very nice green bandana with white spots and lines. The lucky winner is Nicola Bowers and so the very first kit that I've given away will be on its way to her shortly. My paws aren't very good at packing parcels (although I have been practising) so the humans here will be making sure it's safely packed and reaches Nicola safely. |I'll be giving away some more kits over the next few weeks so be sure to check back so you don't miss out on the chance of winning one of these great prizes.
Today they've put me in a bright red bandana (must be because I ran off across the fields yesterday). It's a bit bright but very fetching I think. It's a sunny day here and the fields I walk in have all been cut for hay so it's great fun running around in them. There is an incredible amount of noise going on outside our offices today. They're cutting hedges and things and all the stuff they are taking out is being shredded through a big machine right outside our window! The noise is so loud I can't hear myself think and am getting a little jumpy, so they've given me some Valerian Compound to help me get through the rest of the day without twitching everytime the machine is switched on - thank goodness for that. See you tomorrow folks.............

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

It's a grey old day in Dorset today and on my walk this morning I found the grass was very wet which I don't like as it tickles my tummy and makes me all cold and horrid. Still I hear that very soon it's going to be summer again - whoopee, that suits me just fine! I'm a bit worried about what they are up to at the moment though, I'm wondering if there's some fancy dress stuff going on that I don't know about because today they've put a bandana on me, not a snazzy red one or a pirate type skull and crossbones thank goodness, but a nice spotty green one. They usually do this so that they can spot me when I go off free running across the field, so I don't think that's the reason this time because the green
blends in with the grass when I'm on my walks so they can't see me any better than before. I just put this to the test and scuttled off through a hedge to chase some bunnies and they couldn't find me, so that's okay. There was a lot of shouting of Monkeeeee, Monkeee but I just ignored it and came back when I felt like it - well you have to take charge of these humans sometimes don't you? No doubt I'll find out why they've put this on me at some time but at the moment I'm just ignoring it and sleeping my walk off.............

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Well done everyone.......

Everyone here was very proud that we were finalists in the Supplier of the Year category of the Pet Industry Awards 2011 and last night Jo and Roly, representing the third generation of Dorwest people, went to Birmingham for the awards ceremony. Unfortunately we didn't win this year but well done anyway to everyone at Dorwest for getting us into the final - woof woof, we are all very proud of you. I would like to send my doggy congratulations to all the winners and the other finalists who produce products, provide services and generally do a lot of work to make life easier and better for us pets. Well done everyone - I was just sorry that I wasn't allowed to go to the dinner - I bet they had some great food and I'm always up for some of that !

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

I'm back my fans !!

Well hello everyone - it's already time to start thinking about the horrors of firework night for us dogs, and cats as well of course, so I'm back to help you along, dispense my wise wisdom and hopefully make sure that you all have a peaceful time. In fact my aim is that you don't even notice that anything's going on.......... Make sure your friends know about my blog as I'll be posting tips and little bits and pieces of advice every day for the next few weeks. Yesterday we had the little toddler humans over for the morning; now normally I'm not too keen on it when they arrive as they are a very noisy lot and run around a lot being busy, busy. But yesterday was different and I really enjoyed it because they decided to make some home made dog biscuits and guess who was the canine taster - ME !! They made some lovely cheesy ones and then an enormous batch of ones with pumpkin and peanut butter, yummy, yummy they tasted good in my tummy............ I also got lots of cuddles and kisses - I quite like those little people now!