Thursday, 27 October 2011

Busy time - checked out the podcast, visited Bertie and slept through the storm.

Everyone's been madly busy here this week, lots of phone calls, faxes and suchlike. Rushing around with sacks full of parcels, I thought Santa had brought my presents early but apparently they are lots and lots of parcels going to customers, vets, pet shops and the like who all need to get their products quickly. It's only a week to go now before Bonfire Night so not much time at all to get organised.

I found out about a really good podcast today - it's by Karen Wild a top behaviourist who knows all about us dogs. She's got a brilliant podcast that you can watch with lots of advice to help dogs and their owners overcome their fear of fireworks, so have a look at or go to the Dorwest Facebook page where there is a direct link. I thoroughly recommend this.

I went to visit my friend Bertie yesterday evening and very nice it was too - his humans have an AGA in their kitchen and it was lovely and warm. I wanted to check that Bertie is well prepared for firework night and he told me that he's already got his stuff sorted out - nice new toy, a warm snuggly bed that they've put into their sitting room for him, and he's already having his Scullcap & Valerian Tablets. So that's a comfort as I know how he suffers at this time of the year and glad that they've got all prepared. Before I left both Bertie and I had a special treat for being such good boys - well we're both quite elderly now and naturally are always good (especially when a treat depends on it!).

Last night there was thunder and lightning and I really don't like that much in the normal run of things, but thank goodness I've been having my Scullcap & Valerian Tablets for a week or so now, as I was nice and relaxed and didn't notice it was happening until someone mentioned it, but even then I couldn't really be bothered to lift my head from the bed to check it out. DORWEST SAY RELAX has definitely worked on me, I'm so relaxed.

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