Saturday, 29 October 2011

Time to get your music sorted

Just a week to go, although my friends tell me that in some places the bangers have already started and Diwali celebrations are already underway, so I hope that you dogs and cats are all safe indoors and feeling chilled.

If you haven't already done it, now is the time to sort out the music that you want playing when the fireworks start - I know some people like soothing classical music and others the old crooners, but myself I'm a fan of Snoop Dog. I like all that beats and rhythms and I find it drowns out anything else that's going on - why don't you see what music suits you and get it ready for when the fireworks, bangs and whizzes start?

If you are using a de-sensitising CD then you should have started this a few weeks ago and I'm told that they can be very helpful as they get you used to the noises, but it does take time, so it's not much use to start now as there isn't enough time for you to get acclimatised to the noises.

I met a very young pup when I was out for my walk today. It was a yellow labrador and is going to be trained to be a Guide Dog. It is living with it's puppy walker at the moment who's doing its basic training before it goes on to the proper guide dog training when it's older. It was a lovely little thing and I'm sure that it won't be frightened of fireworks as these dogs are so amazing that they are trained from a very early age not to be put off or frightened of anything. I do hope it does well.

One final thing - for those of you who have asked about the bit of a bladder problem I had a few weeks ago, well I'm pleased to reassure you that I'm fine again now, here I am having a very good cock while on my walk. (I promise I won't ever mention this again!)

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