Monday, 31 October 2011

Ghoulies, ghosties and things that breathe down your neck..........

I was right, they are preparing us for something. I know this because there are all sorts of strange goings on still. Firstly I found these big orange heads sitting on walls and doorsteps around here - they all had great big toothy grins and look pretty scary. But that's not all, this evening all these heads, which are without bodies as well, started to shine and light up and they look pretty frightening. We went to the local pub and that was even worse, there were spiders, skeletons, witches, ghosts and other horrid frightening things hanging up all over the place. So all I can think is that these are put there to see if us dogs and cats will be scared or not - well as I'm feeling pretty chilled I wasn't really scared at all, just a bit confused really, just what is going on?

Then, believe it or not, they decided that I should be really put to the test and they put this ENORMOUS big black spider on my head to see what I would do. Of course I couldn't see it, but it was breathing down my neck and I didn't like that much. Still I must have passed whatever test it was as they gave me a treat afterwards........every cloud has a silver lining!

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